How to Start a Business Online

How to Start a Business Online: Steps To Succeed

Starting a business of your own and running it successfully is the dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs. to achieve this dream, the first thing that you might need is a solid winning strategy that would stand its ground even at times of crisis. needing a strategy is the most important part of business ethics because building a business from scratch might be a long road, but its failure takes no time.

Here are some steps designed for a successful business growth

Sell answers not suggestions

Every business is shaped for the purpose of providing either products or services for the people. this essentially means that the success of your business revolves around the satisfaction of your customers. choosing the right product/service is less a wise option than choosing the perfect market for business. find the best suitable market by listing down the needs and necessities of the customers around you. visit forums and find which market has not yet brought out satisfactory results and establish your business there. by doing this you will be selling the answers that are most searched by the customers and hence gaining more business through it.

Enthral through words

The next step towards establishing your business would be building a welcoming and alluring website. The content of your website must be of a simple yet deeply meaningful format that conveys the details of your product and your business in an out-front manner. Arrange your content in an exciting format so that your customers find their answers and are prompted to read more into your site. Place your offers in an easily accessible format to the customers. In short, your website must be a simple and happy run for your customers who enter worrying about a problem and must exit with a solution.

Advertise to visualize

Once you have established a foundation of a strong website, promote your website with SEO, Guest blogging, Social media, Email marketing, Google My Business, PPC. This will direct more traffic to your site and increase the ranking of your page in the google search engine. You could also use it as a testing platform to test your various sale methods to see which of them bring in more traffic. Similarly, you can invest in creating interesting content that can be linked in various websites which could give insights upon some unclassified doubts. Certain inclination towards social media can do no harm in this context to sell your page through interesting posts and happenings. Through this process, your business will build a name and reputation that will definitely bring in more traffic.

UX Optimisation and Conversion

Importance of re-visit

Now that the visitor count of your website have been increased, it is essential to turn these visitors into customers by making personal contact with the visitors via emails and social media. The emails must be re-assuring the quality of your service/product and must increase the curiosity of the visitor into making a purchase. Once the sale is made, it is now vital to maintain contact with the customer by sending mails on the new offers or interesting them with an item connected to the previous sale. If the customers are followed up promptly, there is a high chance that they would make another purchase and hence increase your re-visit value.

These were a few fail-proof methods for building a strong business online, you can also experiment by adding on a few other methods without deviating from the cause; which is to make the customers feel understood and answered.

To help you get started, created a simple business plan template that you can download for free from their website. You can download the free business plan template here.

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UX Design Principles for Building SaaS Applications

What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software delivery model allowing service providers to deliver applications over the internet. SaaS is a booming industry that has changed the way businesses function. As they are centrally-hosted, it eliminates the need for middle-men and the installation is almost instant. UX design is one of the most important aspects of any SaaS application design.

Here is the list of essential components of any successful SaaS business

Hassle-free sign-ups

As a user, the moment you realize it is an excruciatingly painful long application process or see the credit card details form you go back.

For instance, you want to try your hands on a new application, just to experience it. You head to your app store, install, and then you are asked to sign-up. First, your basic details like name, e-mail id, and then there is this long-form with 5 steps to just sign-up. That is a lot of work to just get the feel of an application. Most of you would probably uninstall that app and move on. This is exactly why you should have an incredibly simple sign-up process with minimal clicks.

Note: If you are worried that gathering details of your customers would be affected by this approach, you could get those later instead of using energy-draining forms that scare users away.

Presentable multi-dynamic features

Simple UI design doesn’t translate to plain, mainstream features. Your potential customers look for products when a requirement arises or when they want to shift to another product because they are not so pleased with the existing purchase.

How do you keep the users visiting your web application again and again? Data & Analytics. We need it for the Monday meetings, for annual reports, for analysis of the site traffic, for measuring the company’s growth, etc. Provide powerful all-in-one dashboards with visually enticing data. This should serve as a one-stop solution with thoroughly organized options to filter/sort and drill through the numbers.

Other desirable features would be:

– Options to export to different formats to share within or across teams
– Flexibility to change the view of the reports to flow charts, bar charts, etc.

The key here is to not be rigid and spoil users with choices that your competitors would not provide. With just a few clicks, you make their work-life better. In the long run, it will prove to be highly lucrative for your business.


Intuitive navigation

Your product might be having so many cool features, but do not overwhelm your users with a jam-packed navigation bar. Big brands like Google and Amazon won our hearts because of their easy-to-use interface. A crammed navigation menu is never visually appealing.

Also, being minimalistic is quite tricky. So, keep your menu bar clutter-free: Simple navigation but significant features. This way your top features/products will be easily visible to the eyeballs.

Understand your audience persona

Do you pay close attention to user behaviour? At some point in your business, did you ever feel the need to go beyond the feedback forms?

SaaS products are built around the needs of the user. Show that you value your customers’ needs by adding a section to receive customer-requested features and keep your roadmap visible. This way your users will be aware that you are constantly working on enhancing their user experience.

Support your users with one-click away resources

If you can not afford a 24*7 Support team, here are the must-haves for your customer support:

– provide a set of customer FAQ
– a resource hub with helpful how-to/self-troubleshooting documents
– a form to submit complaints or other concerns
– Chatbot, community, live chat

Important Tip: The best thing you could do with your UI/UX is to link these helpful resources near the features in the product. So when a user encounters an error while performing a function in your product, they could take help from these easily visible how-to documents. Alternatively, you could use a pop-up advising the user to read the resources to troubleshoot. Think it through and device it accordingly.


Leverage the elegance of design

A lot of effort and time is put into developing the UI and UX of SaaS products. Even with the best marketing strategies and amazing features, your product will be buried if the UI is misleading. SaaS products are designed to make work easier, improve productivity, and to enjoy various other benefits. The design should make sense.

Explore our UX UI Services to understand how we work with our customers by bridging the gap between brand and users, shaping user experience (UX) through design. Our highly-driven and passionate UX designers will listen to your business goals, understand your buyer persona, your brand, vision, etc., and come up with a tailor-made prototype.

Importance of Good UX UI Design

The importance and value of good user experience for startups

Today with the significant advancements in technology, everybody wants to have the best and quickest experience when browsing websites and using mobile applications. It is especially important for startups who want to grow their business, to give a great initial impression to their users. An attractive user interface (UI) and an exceptional user experience (UX) are imperative for startups to keep users engaged and attract them to offered services.

Saves time, money and increase customer retention

Investing, time, money and effort in UX/ UI will never go to waste. For example, UX design is end-user focused and from the outset, develops a design that users want, not what developers may think they want. A well-designed app will not require extensive improvements and fixing, which in the long run will save time and money for a startup business.

Improves User Interaction

Having a well-designed UI is very important in reaching potential users. The more interactive an app is the more user friendly it will be. An interactive app will create a connection with users and enable them to navigate freely from window to window.

Importance of Good UX UI Design

Importance of Good UX UI Design

UX UI design creates connection to users

People look at startups with some degree of doubt. It is important to gain the user’s confidence and this is a challenge all startups face. UX/ UI design can help cement trust.

Brand Awareness

In order for a startup to build brand value and awareness, it is important for a business to emphasize the user’s satisfaction. UI and UX design will be able to grab the user’s attention and help navigate them to their predetermined target in the most efficient way.

Business growth

Many startups face slow growth and sometimes slow sales for a long time. UX and UI design is a simple way to create a great impression and drive engagement, grow business and make way for the future. The digital experience is the core of services and products today which means intellectual and emotional connection via UX/UI can make or break a startup.

Any questions or want us to help you develop an effective user experience design for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Minimum Viable Product

Innovative Approaches to Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is considered to be a product development technique where a new product or website is developed with enough features, in order to satisfy the early adopters. It is moreover a development and marketing strategy which is targeted to get feedback from the initial users of the product. Through this, the companies test their product in the market at an early life cycle. MVP is considered to be the best way to test an idea in the market without any form of huge risk.

Below are the innovative approaches through which one can create an MVP

Pre-planning is the key to the success of your MVP

Understanding the in and out of the product’s business prospects is crucial to the success of your MVP. In order to carry out this clearly, analyze the potential gaps which currently exist in the market and is situated between the customer’s need and current solution which is available in the market. Then, you should scheme as to how they are going to fit the business model in such a manner that it can address the customer’s requirement and ends up with a win-win situation.

Market research: You should do a clear market research analysis in order to understand how the competitors have distinguished themselves in creating a new niche of their own. There can be an analysis of the bandwidth of the services which they are offering to the same group of customers you are targeting. An analysis can also be made with the key highlights and places where they lag so that you can properly pitch into the leverage of your business in the right manner.

A proper structure as a lucid user flow: It is important that you should put yourselves in the shoes of a user and list out all the possible outcomes that the user expects from the business model. Since you have clearly listed the necessary goals of the product, you can explain all the steps to attain steps. If you sketch out the process stages, it ultimately helps in drafting out a clean and precise user flow.

Define an MVP Feature Set

Choose the best features for your MVP: You should make a list of all the features which your product is about to offer. The next viable step is to prioritize them into a logical group of importance in the descending sequence. By performing this step, you can get a clear understanding of the scope of the product whereby you can take forth to the MVP launch phase.

Examine, get a response, improvise: Once the entire prototype of MVP is ready, you should build the product to the desired functionalities and get into the initial testing phase. You can take the alpha testing phase to some of your early adopters to get their response or feedback and also collect the essential user experience. Later, on an advanced level, you can get it tested by the real world users for a week or two. Once there is a pour in of all the suggestions, bugs and shortcomings, you can pull up your socks and get started on the product’s improvement.

Hope these innovative approaches will help you in improving your product. Go on, implement the approaches and see excellent results.

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Mobile App User Engagement

The Basics of Increasing Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

Believing that user acquisition is enough to drive forward the success of a mobile app is nothing short of a lame misconception. ‘Active presence’ inside the app is the key factor without which the numbers in the download rates serves no actual purpose.

The true success of a mobile app comes from sustained time periods of customer engagement and retention in the mobile app. In simpler words, ‘engagement’ is used to denote the active participation of the users in the application at a specific time period. Similarly, ‘retention’ is another term that is used to indicate the number of users who return to the app to revisit it after the very first encounter within the first 30 days.

The average of the two brings out the ‘stickiness’ each user has with the app. Avoiding user abandonment is one of the toughest challenges to be faced and resolved. Statistics tell us that there is a 60% probability of users abandoning the app if it is opened just once a week.

Check out the following steps for improving user engagement and retention

Mobile App User Retention

Deliver a well-functioning mobile app with innovation

The first and the most important step in boosting your engagement and user retention rates is to develop a quality mobile app. An app that crashes constantly or doesn’t live up to expectations will lead to the bad user experience. So, focus on choosing the right platform to develop your minimum viable product (MVP) mobile app that’s both “minimum” and “viable.

Ensure easy onboarding

Effective onboarding experience helps new users get value from your product faster. Reduce the information forms and entry-level screens to allow the users to access your app faster without unwanted lag as it may be a risk that prevents them from re-visiting the app.

Employ a good number of push notifications

Using push notifications are the best way to stay in close touch with your users. When used it the right way, it can boost sales incredibly, by subtly nudging your users to be interested in you.

App Notifications

Introduce drop in price

Occasionally and sometimes unexpectedly bring in instant bonus, cashback, discount and offers to keep your users excited. You can also bring in varieties of offer patterns that induces one-time buyers and also makes the long-time loyal customers stay with you.

Bring out the goodness in word

Advertise your app by putting in good content that throws light on how you attempt to solve the problem statement and also, how different you are from the rest. Target the app stores and work towards selling your app with creative and interesting ideas.

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Build A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How To Build A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. It is a development and marketing strategy targeted to get feedback from the product’s initial users. It enables companies to test their product in the market early in their lifecycle. MVP is the best way to test your idea in market without huge risk.

“You are selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set to visionaries, not everyone.” Steve Blank

Here we list out the way in which you can build a MVP for your idea right from scratch

Why, what and for whom?

The very first step towards building a successful MVP is to clearly understand the in and out of the product’s business prospects. To carry out this clearly, you need to analyse the potential gap that currently exists in market between the customer’s need and the current solution that is available in market. Then you need to scheme how you are going to fit your business model in such a way that it addresses the customer’s concern in such a way that it ends in a win-win situation.

Market Research

Do a clear market research to understand how your competitors have distinguished themselves to create a niche of their own. Analyse the bandwidth of the services they are offering to the same group of customers you are targeting, their key highlights and the places where they lag so you can pitch in to leverage your business in the right way.

Structure a lucid user flow

Put yourself in the shoes of a user and list out all the outcomes he expects from your business model. Now when you have listed the necessary goals of the product, clearly explain all the steps to attain the steps. Sketching out the process stages ultimately helps in drafting a crisp and neat user flow.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Prioritise the features

Make a list of all the features that your product is about to offer. The next sensible step is to prioritise them into logical groups of descending importance. Performing this step will give you a clear understanding of the scope of the product thereby boldly taking you forth to the MVP launch phase.

Test, get feedback, improvise

Once you are ready with the entire prototype for the MVP, build the product up to the desired functionalities and get it to the alpha and beta testing phase. Initially, you can take it up to the alpha testing phase for the close kith and kin for their feedback and to collect their user experience. Then, on an advanced level you can get it tested by the real world users for a matter of week or two. Once all the suggestions, bugs and list of shortcomings pour in, roll up your sleeves and get it all sorted. Start improvising and making your product all better.

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