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Data migration is one of the key stages of your Zoho migration project. Moving your data from it’s current application into Zoho is a challenging process. It is essential to plan, execute, and test as effectively as possible. Our certified data migration experts walk your team through each step of the Zoho data migration lifecycle and make data migration simple, safe, fast and effective.

Migrating all of your business files, customer details, emails, support tickets, etc can be done over a weekend, or at any time that is convenient to your business! Our team are around at each point to help as needed.

Zoho Data Migration
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Let’s make your data safely migrated to Zoho

Our Zoho data migration services help businesses across all industries – maximise the full value of their technology investments through our custom Zoho solutions and data migrating services. Our Zoho Data Migration experts ensure that all your data is migrated efficiently and securely. In addition to data migration, Flexbox Digital offers a number of Zoho integration solutions to keep your business connected. Below is our Zoho Data Migration process from start to finish so you know the process we follow from start to finish.

Data Migration Process

Migrating to Zoho

Get Zoho set up. Make sure you have your Zoho account set up so there’s somewhere for the data to go.

Choose a date

Pick a date to move all of your data across. This can be done on a weekday or a weekend, depending on the availability and your preferences.

Files are moved

Sit back and relax, because we’ll be moving all of your data without you needing to do a thing and we’ll let you know when it’s done!

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