Penetration Testing Services

We analyse and secure the points of vulnerability

Protect your customer data. We help startups and small businesses to reduce vulnerabilities and minimise the severity of cyberattacks.

A flaw in code or design that creates a potential point of security compromise. Flexbox Digital provides penetration testing, cyber risk assessments and vulnerability assessment services for businesses of all sizes in Melbourne and Sydney. Penetration testing ensures system security and you are compliant with security regulations outlined by security standards.

Our expert pentester analyse your applications and web services from a hacker’s point of view and provide comprehensive penetration testing risk report and security recommendations. Flexbox Digital penetration covers Mobile Applications, Web Applications, and Web Services.

Our Penetration Testing Services

A penetration test is a manual process where our ethical hacker conducts penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities by exploiting them. Our security experts and ethical hackers check your application through manual approach, we check vulnerabilities, including authorisation, security configuration, data protection and business logic flaws which can not be easily detected by vulnerability scanners. Our ethical hackers penetrate your applications, web services and assist you in making your digital environment more safe and secure.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Protect your mobile application against cyber security threats. Our mobile application penetration testing will find vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance to improve your security. Our mobile app penetration testing include authentication issues, payment gateway, client-side, server issues, hosting and logic flaws.

Web App Penetration Testing

Web applications are one of the most vulnerable and common targets for hackers. Our web application penetration testing experts analyse and secure web application vulnerabilities in your organisation. Our web app penetration testing include authentication issues, payment gateway, client-side, server issues, hosting and logic flaws

Web Services & API Penetration Testing

We identify security weaknesses and help you fix vulnerabilities in your web applications and APIs before cyber attackers find and exploit them. Our web services penetration testing experts conduct manual penetration testing to find every possible vulnerabilities and ensure that your services will be resistant to threats.

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What is a Penetration Testing?

A penetration test,or pentest,is the manual process where an ethical hacker conducts an assessment on a target to uncover vulnerabilities by exploiting them. The goal is to gain unauthorised access through exploitation which can be used to emulate the intent of a malicious hacker.

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