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How Long Does It Take to Create an App

With a large number of apps available in online stores, development time plays an important role in getting the app to the market.

How long will it take to design an app?

It all hinges on the number of functions that it offers to users. Usually, one regulates if there is a market demand for the solution that the app bids. Besides deciding on its abilities, the tasks it performs & the extent of its functions, one will want to define how it will source data. In a Mobile app development company, a storyboard is created to present a clear visual picture of the user interface between the various screens to regulate the app design time. The more functions that an app has the longer it will take. On average, for a smaller app, the scoping process might range from 1 to 2 weeks. An additional week may be required for a medium-sized app, but a big project will need around 3 to 4 weeks for requirement gathering to be completed.

Stages in the Development of The Mobile App

Idea Generation

The first stage in app development is coming up with countless ideas. It is vital to consider which platform you want to develop for and whether or not you are creating a new idea or building on the topmost of an existing concept. The idea generation will help regulate if there is enough demand for your product. Once you have finished deciding what type of app you need to build and how much time and money you can dedicate to its creation, it is time to start thinking about what features should be involved in your application.

Mobile App Development

Frame the Concept

It is a good idea to know what you need from your app. This stage focuses on refining your product down to its core features and sketching out how those features will work together. It also comprises deciding which platforms you want to target and which devices you plan to support. During wireframing, mobile app developers develop mobile applications.

Feasibility and Design

Technical feasibility is vital in developing a mobile app. This step includes ensuring that your idea is feasible and can be developed within a budget. Mobile App Development will use cross-platform frameworks if you need to create an app for both iOS and Android devices. Designing is the most vital aspect of mobile app development. You can select from different designs and the designing stage will require graphics to help create an interactive interface.

Coding & Implementation

Here coders create mockups that are put on an app in real time. It allows users to practice similarly to what they would have once they use an ended product. While coding, the functionality should be kept in mind.The end goal is usability, so they must ensure that apps are available for anyone to navigate.

Importance of Good UX UI Design

Testing and Launching

You must extensively test an app, and optimize it for your customers. Once you have created and tested the app, the mobile app development service will launch the application. After launching the app, the results are known.


They provide many advantages, they enable integrity of data and code through centralised approach for updating and upgrading the applications. The more you have budget for application servers, the better it will be. Having unlimited access to application servers makes it easier to customise, personalise, and upgrade the applications.

Developer Account

Mobile app maintenance refers to the whole process that is followed to guarantee a bug-free and continuous working mobile app. The app maintenance procedure includes monitoring, fixing, and updating the fundamentals that can provide a user experience.


The process of Mobile application development depends on a proper mobile app development company. So, for better apps, the best development company should be chosen.

As a full-service product development agency, Flexbox Digital handles the entire product lifecycle from Planning and Strategy, UI/UX Design, App Development, Testing, to maintenance and support. Get in touch today to get started.

Mobile App For A Business

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile apps are becoming more and more prevalent, with nearly 70% of smartphone users downloading at least one mobile app per month. If you have a service or product that could be enhanced by having an app, it’s time to consider whether or not developing one makes sense for your business.

Many small and medium-sized businesses have already included applications for mobile devices in their business plans. Are you one of them?

From increasing sales to providing global exposure for the brand, a mobile application can help your company. Here are a few principal reasons why you should think about the development of mobile apps as a critical element of your business strategy:

Digitalization has become a need.

Most people worldwide use their smartphones and tablets to browse websites, read email or listen to music. It is not surprising if they use these devices more than PCs. What’s more, most consumers use apps that connect them with their favourite brands. If you have your own company, it is time to develop your app so that you can be in touch with customers at any time!

Mobile App For A Business

Need to update the marketing channel

In today’s world, if you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to connect with your customers and clients. Having a well-designed website is essential, but it doesn’t replace having a presence on Facebook or Twitter. Creating an app for your business from a recognized Mobile App Development Company in Melbourne will give you even more opportunities to reach out to potential customers in new ways. For example, some restaurants have apps that allow people to order food from their phones and pick it up at a drive-through window when it’s ready; other companies use apps as virtual tour guides of their facilities or products.

Customer Experience and Brand Awareness

Developing an app will help you increase your customer experience and brand awareness because people love apps, and they’re straightforward to access. Mobile app users who have downloaded at least one company-specific app are 49% more likely to purchase from that company than consumers who don’t have its app installed. And a whopping 59% of business-app users claim they’ve purchased more products or services from their favorite brands due to having their apps. 64% of smartphone owners use apps daily. There’s no better way to reach them!

Survive in the competitive world

In today’s competitive world, app development is considered one of the most important strategies for companies and individuals to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. You can also hire an App Development Company to get help in developing a perfect app. It can go from high-end, interactive games apps and complex enterprise apps to essential one-screen apps that allow users to perform actions such as searching and booking.

Final Words

So whether you want to see what your app looks like or need help with marketing and monetization, Mobile Application Development Company will help build your dream app. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a convenient meeting for you to discuss how we can turn your ideas into reality.

Difference Between Emails & Push Notifications

Difference Between Emails & Push Notifications

It can be challenging and tempting to decide which option to choose when building your mobile app – push notifications or emails? Both have pros and cons, and neither can be considered a better option. In this blog, we will take a closer look at both of these methods, so you can make an effective decision when it comes time to launch your mobile app.

Key Differences Between Push Notifications vs. Email

There are a few differences between push notifications and email, which mobile app development companies should consider while deciding upon a communication strategy. Let’s understand the difference in brief:

Length of content matters.

Push Notifications: These are brief and simple. Make use of specific words to reach their target audience. People are more likely to read messages in short pieces than lengthy texts or long paragraphs.

Email: they are more than 60 words long and wordy. They are sent in the formal format, making them lengthy and full of words. Most people don’t read these emails intended to be used for marketing.


Push Notifications: Many app owners will be annoyed if they constantly receive notifications when they work in the app. Do not bombard them with notifications, as once they have turned off notifications, you’ll never deliver them more notifications.

Emails: Many people sign up to receive emails, but the probability of unsubscribing is lower. Many people don’t bother with emails and may even send their mailers to the spam folder or delete them.

Subscribe Newsletter

One-Click Subscription

Push Notifications: They have a higher standing on this platform regarding one-click subscriptions. Push notifications are sent when the user is online, and they have more chances of obtaining an account. There are no issues with delivery.

Emails: they don’t get many subscriptions since people do not pay attention to any email that appears to spam them. Various formalities must be adhered to when sending an email. It must be dealt with in spam folders as well.

Click-Through Rate

Push notifications: They get more fantastic clicks since they have a bounce ratio of close to zero, and people are drawn to the message in a short amount of time. They click on what they want, keeping a specific target audience.

Emails: There are fewer chances for individuals to click on the links mentioned within the email. Many emails are bounced each day, and some get kept unopened

Rate of optimization

Push notification: According to various studies, push notifications are optimized at a 12% rate. It’s based on several aspects: One of them is that it’s short and conveys a clear message. It is a 100 percent view rate and is simple to read, meaning it isn’t overlooked.

Emails: Emails have a 1.9 percent optimization rate because people rarely open them. It’s only a quarter of the push notifications are received. Sometimes, people aren’t interested in extending the email because they see email marketing as spam and a lot of times, they are bounced.

Rate of Optimization

Best Mobile App Development Consultation

The best way to decide which type of notifications will be most effective for your users is to speak with a mobile app development agency that offers both push and email notifications as part of their services. Here at Flexbox Digital, we have extensive experience in mobile app development, so give us a call today if you would like advice on engaging your customers or employees better through push or email notifications.

Mobile App Development

How to Develop Cost-effective Mobile App for your Business

Mobile applications have turned into a necessity for any business due to their ever-growing demand. However, small businesses are hesitant to develop mobile apps because of the cost associated with it. This blog aims to address mobile app development in a cost effective way.

App development, without a doubt, is a costly and time-consuming project. Even the simplest applications can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months. However, you can save time and money by adopting the following strategies while designing a mobile app.

Develop Locally

The cost of developing iOS and Android mobile apps ranges from $25,000 to $250,000. Development costs tend to go up when dealing with offshore developers. As time zones and holidays are different, it becomes difficult to co-ordinate with ease. App development is a very collaborative process and it would be ideal to have your development locally so that exchange of ideas and collection of feedback is smooth.

Use a cross-platform framework

A cross platform development kit like Flutter can be used for developing applications. These type of platforms can help you to design applications for Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and more from a single codebase.

Mobile App Development

Hire a Professional App Development company

Demand for app development services in Australia has increased with the growing adoption of mobile apps by restaurants, cabs, and more. There are many app development companies in Australia offering a wide range of professional services. When choosing a company, look for experience and efficiency so that you get an app that works effectively.

Build an MVP

An MVP, or minimally viable product, means the basic, bare-bones version of the app. Having a simple version of the app out in the market can help understand its future demands. It will not only help you plan your investment but also tailor the app to the market demand.

Go For Simplicity

An app with a simple design and layout costs less to develop. Simple apps have higher UX or user experience levels. Such apps are more preferred and adopted. Keep the app free from a cluttered homepage and limit the features.

Importance of Good UX UI Design

Set a Budget

Setting a budget will help ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily on application development. When setting the budget, allocate money separately for hiring an app development company to develop and publish the app. But, to set a budget, you need to have an idea of the total costs involved.

The overall cost of app development in Australia can be broken down as below:

Application Servers

They provide many advantages, they enable integrity of data and code through centralised approach for updating and upgrading the applications. The more you have budget for application servers, the better it will be. Having unlimited access to application servers makes it easier to customise, personalise, and upgrade the applications.

Developer Account

For Google and Apple apps you may have to pay a one time or yearly fee.

App Maintenance

It is wise to have a certain amount kept separately for app maintenance. Maintenance cost depends on factors such as customer feedback, app platform updates, and more.

Third –Party Services

If you intend to include third-party services such as in-app chat, DNS services, and collaborative tools, you may have to allocate some funds. Discuss with the app development company to figure out how much you may have to spare for third-party services.

Mobile app development in Australia can be pricey for small businesses. But if you do that correctly, you may avoid unanticipated blowouts and launch your app faster and cheaper to the app store.

As a full-service product development agency, Flexbox Digital handles the entire product lifecycle from Planning and Strategy, UI/UX Design, App Development, Testing, to maintenance and support. Get in touch today to get started.

Fitness App

How Mobile Apps Help in Improving Fitness Levels?

The present-day sedentary and fast lifestyle has resulted in a plethora of serious health-related issues. People hardly have time for themselves. They run themselves mechanically without looking after their health. 

Surprisingly, technological advancement has introduced a huge change in the present-day lifestyle. Companies involved in providing mobile app development service in Melbourne have helped a lot in improving fitness levels to a high extent.

What Are Some Negative Consequences Related to Health?

Obesity along with high blood pressure and cancer are some common negative consequences. It is wrong to say that high technology has made human lives highly complicated. 

A suitable and reliable mobile app design service provider has come up with several fitness mobile applications that not only help in improving fitness levels; but also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

An Insight to Some Highly Popular Mobile Apps!

A steep rise in the trend of building iPad app development has contributed in improving fitness levels to a high extent. It has created lots of buzz among the masses. Some of the most popularly used apps include the following:



Charity Miles

Pact and many more. 

Fitness App

How Mobile Apps Help in Improving Fitness Levels at Best?

Want to know how iPad app development service impacts your health? Below are some facilities that are provided:

  • Providing the nudge in the right direction – A reliable iPad app development will provide the nudge appropriately. If required, these apps will provide you with notifications based on which you can modify your daily lifestyle and habits. 

Through mobile app design services, you will be able to stay motivated and remain focused on achieving your desired level of fitness. 

  • Coming across new ideas regarding the workout regime – Day by day, people are getting serious about their health and overall well-being. As a result, the number of candidates in the gymnasium is also increasing at a rapid rate. 

But, some people cannot join there due to busy lifestyles. For them, Android App development service will be a perfect solution. Along with learning new fitness regimes, it will help in practising workouts, thus gaining top-notch results. 

Top companies hire Android, iOS and iPhone developers to come up with exclusively designed mobile apps to help people in setting realistic fitness goals. These apps will take you to the next level after you are done with previous ones. 

In this way, these Android and iPhone app development services will help in sustaining the exercise regime. You will be able to confess all types of challenges based on overall health condition along with providing high flexibility.

Mobile App User Engagement

The Basics of Increasing Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

Believing that user acquisition is enough to drive forward the success of a mobile app is nothing short of a lame misconception. ‘Active presence’ inside the app is the key factor without which the numbers in the download rates serves no actual purpose.

The true success of a mobile app comes from sustained time periods of customer engagement and retention in the mobile app. In simpler words, ‘engagement’ is used to denote the active participation of the users in the application at a specific time period. Similarly, ‘retention’ is another term that is used to indicate the number of users who return to the app to revisit it after the very first encounter within the first 30 days.

The average of the two brings out the ‘stickiness’ each user has with the app. Avoiding user abandonment is one of the toughest challenges to be faced and resolved. Statistics tell us that there is a 60% probability of users abandoning the app if it is opened just once a week.

Check out the following steps for improving user engagement and retention

Mobile App User Retention

Deliver a well-functioning mobile app with innovation

The first and the most important step in boosting your engagement and user retention rates is to develop a quality mobile app. An app that crashes constantly or doesn’t live up to expectations will lead to the bad user experience. So, focus on choosing the right platform to develop your minimum viable product (MVP) mobile app that’s both “minimum” and “viable.

Ensure easy onboarding

Effective onboarding experience helps new users get value from your product faster. Reduce the information forms and entry-level screens to allow the users to access your app faster without unwanted lag as it may be a risk that prevents them from re-visiting the app.

Employ a good number of push notifications

Using push notifications are the best way to stay in close touch with your users. When used it the right way, it can boost sales incredibly, by subtly nudging your users to be interested in you.

App Notifications

Introduce drop in price

Occasionally and sometimes unexpectedly bring in instant bonus, cashback, discount and offers to keep your users excited. You can also bring in varieties of offer patterns that induces one-time buyers and also makes the long-time loyal customers stay with you.

Bring out the goodness in word

Advertise your app by putting in good content that throws light on how you attempt to solve the problem statement and also, how different you are from the rest. Target the app stores and work towards selling your app with creative and interesting ideas.

As a full-service mobile app development company, Flexbox Digital handles the entire lifecycle of your app from Planning and Strategy, UI/UX Design, App Development, Testing, to maintenance and support. Get in touch today to get started on your mobile app.

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