Difference Between Emails & Push Notifications

It can be challenging and tempting to decide which option to choose when building your mobile app – push notifications or emails? Both have pros and cons, and neither can be considered a better option. In this blog, we will take a closer look at both of these methods, so you can make an effective decision when it comes time to launch your mobile app.

Key Differences Between Push Notifications vs. Email

There are a few differences between push notifications and email, which mobile app development companies should consider while deciding upon a communication strategy. Let’s understand the difference in brief:

Length of content matters.

Push Notifications: These are brief and simple. Make use of specific words to reach their target audience. People are more likely to read messages in short pieces than lengthy texts or long paragraphs.

Email: they are more than 60 words long and wordy. They are sent in the formal format, making them lengthy and full of words. Most people don’t read these emails intended to be used for marketing.


Push Notifications: Many app owners will be annoyed if they constantly receive notifications when they work in the app. Do not bombard them with notifications, as once they have turned off notifications, you’ll never deliver them more notifications.

Emails: Many people sign up to receive emails, but the probability of unsubscribing is lower. Many people don’t bother with emails and may even send their mailers to the spam folder or delete them.

One-Click Subscription

Push Notifications: They have a higher standing on this platform regarding one-click subscriptions. Push notifications are sent when the user is online, and they have more chances of obtaining an account. There are no issues with delivery.

Emails: they don’t get many subscriptions since people do not pay attention to any email that appears to spam them. Various formalities must be adhered to when sending an email. It must be dealt with in spam folders as well.

Click-Through Rate

Push notifications: They get more fantastic clicks since they have a bounce ratio of close to zero, and people are drawn to the message in a short amount of time. They click on what they want, keeping a specific target audience.

Emails: There are fewer chances for individuals to click on the links mentioned within the email. Many emails are bounced each day, and some get kept unopened

Rate of optimization

Push notification: According to various studies, push notifications are optimized at a 12% rate. It’s based on several aspects: One of them is that it’s short and conveys a clear message. It is a 100 percent view rate and is simple to read, meaning it isn’t overlooked.

Emails: Emails have a 1.9 percent optimization rate because people rarely open them. It’s only a quarter of the push notifications are received. Sometimes, people aren’t interested in extending the email because they see email marketing as spam and a lot of times, they are bounced.

Best Mobile App Development Consultation

The best way to decide which type of notifications will be most effective for your users is to speak with a mobile app development agency that offers both push and email notifications as part of their services. Here at Flexbox Digital, we have extensive experience in mobile app development, so give us a call today if you would like advice on engaging your customers or employees better through push or email notifications.

Realizing Insights

The final phase is to make changes that may have risen during the analysis. Auditing is about measuring the current state of your interface, but it is also about making changes for the future. Once these changes have been applied and actioned, ongoing monitoring guarantees that they are effective in the long term.

Advantages of UX Audit

A UX audit is always extremely beneficial simply because the development of the digital product is ongoing. Like with a website design audit or any process that inspects a digital interface, a UI design agency wants to stay aware of how your customers & users are experiencing the product, how prospects are changing, and if your product is keeping up.

Explore our UX UI Services to understand how we work with our customers by bridging the gap between brand and users, shaping user experience (UX) through design. Our highly-driven and passionate UX designers will listen to your business goals, understand your buyer persona, your brand, vision, etc., and come up with a tailor-made prototype.

May 11,2022
Conversion rate optimization, Mobile App Development

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