The importance and value of good user experience for startups

Today with the significant advancements in technology, everybody wants to have the best and quickest experience when browsing websites and using mobile applications. It is especially important for startups who want to grow their business, to give a great initial impression to their users. An attractive user interface (UI) and an exceptional user experience (UX) are imperative for startups to keep users engaged and attract them to offered services.

Saves time, money and increase customer retention

Investing, time, money and effort in UX/ UI will never go to waste. For example, UX design is end-user focused and from the outset, develops a design that users want, not what developers may think they want. A well-designed app will not require extensive improvements and fixing, which in the long run will save time and money for a startup business.

Improves User Interaction

Having a well-designed UI is very important in reaching potential users. The more interactive an app is the more user friendly it will be. An interactive app will create a connection with users and enable them to navigate freely from window to window.

Importance of Good UX UI Design

UX UI design creates connection to users

People look at startups with some degree of doubt. It is important to gain the user’s confidence and this is a challenge all startups face. UX/ UI design can help cement trust.

Brand Awareness

In order for a startup to build brand value and awareness, it is important for a business to emphasize the user’s satisfaction. UI and UX design will be able to grab the user’s attention and help navigate them to their predetermined target in the most efficient way.

Business growth

Many startups face slow growth and sometimes slow sales for a long time. UX and UI design is a simple way to create a great impression and drive engagement, grow business and make way for the future. The digital experience is the core of services and products today which means intellectual and emotional connection via UX/UI can make or break a startup.

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March 19,2020
Startup, UX UI Design

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