UX Strategy in Digital Marketing

Why Is User Experience Key To Digital Marketing Success

Today’s consumers are smart and tech savvy and smart devices are now the primary window to access information, buy product, services and experience the digital world. When it comes to developing and executing modern digital marketing campaigns, UX is vital and will always be in creating a strong and successful digital campaign. If you are marketing your business on a digital platform you must focus on the user experience as much as you do on your digital content.

Well crafted digital copy enhances the user experience

Search engine optimised content is at the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. And with a proper content and UX strategy in place, digital campaigns can achieve 4 times higher probability of being successful. You should spend only 20% of the time in creating content and 80% of your time promoting and distributing your content across multiple channels. Content distribution marks the effectiveness of any digital campaign.

Create an effective landing page design

Even though you market your products on various digital platform and websites, it will only redirect the customers to your business website. A visitor should find the information they need without any hassle. Having a perfect landing page for your website is the most effective way to improve your website conversion rate and ROI.

A lagging website will only put a dent on the user experience and put a bad impression about the company. With seamless interaction, they don’t think about other options.

  1. 70% of customers choose company blogs over the ads they see elsewhere to know about the product.
  2. 82% of the consumers enjoy learning about a product from the company blogs, says Quicksprout.

Make your content fresh and engaging. Providing options to review, buttons to share the blog contents will give the customer a sense of satisfaction. These factors will improve the user experience.