Boost Your Conversions With Video Marketing On Facebook

People are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. Facebook video views are among the most cost-effective forms of social advertising at the moment. Video ads on Facebook will boost your brand awareness and strengthen your marketing message.

Facebook video marketing: a Boon in disguise

Videos are the most effective visual story-tellers that could be passed on and shown in a moments click. The content in the video if made crisp and on point could even convey evoking messages across the globe on any platform. Such influential tools of propagation could be shaped in forms that can help the business run like a wild horse in the field of marketing. Facebook provides a convenient and efficient video system wherein you can make any video formats, live or documented, and send it across pages to gain popularity through viewership. The video option in Facebook has been standing as a tall competition against the ruler of the video world, i.e. YouTube. All you have to think is the methods of making your video stand out in the scroll page and make those scrolling thumbs pause for a moment to view a few minutes of it. It is also your job to make the video an interesting and informational advert that could be spoken about amongst your target audience.

Construct your video to capture your audience

Before getting into the details of constructing an efficient video, you must be aware of the tricks used by your competitors and be better than them. Remember, Facebook is a common platform for many other businesses and the interest of your viewer may shift to any of them if your video lacks some essentials. To capture the concentration of your viewer you have to beat all possible competitors that might pop up in every direction on the wall.

Choose a click-worthy video thumbnail image

The newsfeed on the Facebook wall is subjected to constant updates by the piling of new shares and uploads. So the attention span of any viewer who scrolls through such a busy newsfeed relies on the better video among so many. Viewers make quick decisions on whether to watch the video or not, so grab their attention by posting your strongest image at the front of your video. To do this, know your audience first and make the move.

Shout out in silence

Most viewers scroll through their newsfeed with the video sound option on silent. Being this case, take care that your video can communicate the message even without any sound. It would be better to construct videos with strong images and quotes rather than dialogues for better perception.

A/B Test

It would be better to make more than one video on the same subject and put it to test on the platform. The one with the most viewership would be your go-to option. If this is not working, try again with different versions and with better reach by tweaking the videos.

With the Facebook Video, you have an ocean of viewers at ready. Sell your story around the globe and attract potential customers at their leisure time.

June 03,2018
Content Marketing, CRO, Social media marketing

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