The Ultimate To Do List to Launch a Successful eCommerce Website

Shoppers are increasingly looking to purchase online than in-store for an easier customer experience. But building a successful eCommerce website takes time and planning.

Here are a few guidelines for launching a successful eCommerce website:

Make an Impression

When a viewer visits your site they clearly intend to buy something, so design your landing page with a simple and attractive format and give them a reason to look on. The landing page they view must make an interesting influence on them to make a list of items they would want to buy.

Some useful tweaks that you could make on your landing page are:

  1. Organise your store with categories. Well-organized categories and good search filters make it easy for the customer to find the products they are looking for.
  2. Links for special discounts or promotions.
  3. Include Call to Actions to make a definite sale.
  4. Make your eCommerce website more mobile friendly.
  5. Optimize your product images for better search rankings.
  6. Direct links to best-selling products.

Customer Significance

For a successful eCommerce web design, it must revolve around the needs of the customer and hence it must give significance to the customer. Include account login and creation tabs on the landing page for an easy detection of the pattern of purchase. The user experience must be vital when designing the checkout and wish list.

Some valuable additions to a better user experience:

  1. Secure your eCommerce website from malware, credit card, and online payment frauds. Implement HTTPS and a valid SSL certificate.
  2. Create the wish list and check out options clearly visible.
  3. Accept all major credit, debit cards, and Paypal payment method.
  4. Show the reviews on the product and the list of products brought along with it.
  5. Offer promo codes and other offers and show them the cost saved during purchase.

The inclusion of media content

Addition of media content like tutorials, product reviews etc. can increase the value of your page and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

  1. Product Reviews, comments, and other options.
  2. A testimonial of the customer’s who used the product.
  3. FAQs, how-to guides, and demos add a lot of value to your business and your customers.
  4. Social connectivity options to share the product, blog post, etc.
  5. Contents for upcoming offers or events.

Connect with your customers

Support pages help you connect with your customers on a deeper and more sensitive level. The pages that you include must give credibility to your site and also must be familiar for the customers to be recognized quicker and communicate faster.

  1. Live chat box with a customer advisor.
  2. Create a Help Center for your site
  3. Connect with your customers using Facebook Messenger

These were a few pointers that you could look out for while launching your eCommerce website. Customers shop every day, be sure to make a sale to them.

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February 05,2018
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