Why SSL certificate is important for your website

An SSL Certificate connected to your site will secure your website with the highest levels of encryption, protecting your customers and their personal information. Google search engine rewards sites that use HTTPS with a small ranking boost.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which can be easily recognised in any web link by recognising the symbol of a padlock with the words “Secure” written near it. Only the websites which procure the SSL certificates are safe for the use of visitors and can guarantee your safety on the site. SSL is the security layer that protects all sensitive information from the use of any hacker across any computer networks. SSL provides privacy and data integrity for both the website and the visitor.

Let’s look deeper into the importance of SSL

For websites that deal with the handling of sensitive information (like usernames, passwords, and credit card details) and confirmation process of the same, it is necessary to secure this information and convey it only to the customer. However, the process of transfer of data requires the data to travel across many servers and computers to finally reach the destined server. During this process, it is very easy to hack into any of the involved servers and collect the information. To avoid this kind of mishap to occur, SSL encrypts the messages and sends it across the destined severs and in the final server it can be decrypted for the user to understand. When an SSL is used, the information becomes unreadable to anyone but the user. This protects it from being hacked.

The Authentication of Security

As important as encryption of the messages is, so is the authentication of the website. If the website you own is not SSL certified, any user will think twice before subscribing to your services or products. An unauthorised website which is not secure for use can be easily used by other hackers to use it as a medium to get personal information of the users, fearing this the user will not provide any information and might not even visit your website. With an SSL certificate, the users will know that the website they are sending information to is an authentic one and not an imposter stealing information.

Gain the trust of your users

When a website is a certified SSL user, visitors feel safe to browse about it. Visual aids like the lock icon and a green bar can ensure the visitors of their secure connection. See the table below of online research conducted on transactions:

70% of online shoppers cancel transactions due to lack of trust

75% of shoppers believe security logos increase the trustworthiness of the site

79% of shoppers expect to see a security seal on a site’s homepage

SSL certificate is essential for protecting your website. It provides privacy, security and data integrity for both your visitors and your business.

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March 09,2018
Website Security

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