Why is a good website design important for your business and revenue?

In this digital world almost 70% of business decisions are made online. Businesses need quicker and more efficient ways to attract customer attention. A website is one of the efficient ways for promoting your products, services or ideas to the target audience. An effective web design will take the business to a new level and bring customer closer to your business. A well designed website improves the credibility of your business. Creating a successful website design requires a right website strategy, user experience design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), conversion and more.

Web Design is more than just looking pretty!

Web Design is far more than creating an aesthetically pleasing website. Effective Web Design is about creating an attractive website that is user friendly, search engine friendly, mobile-friendly, designed to sell and easy to maintain.

Essential Elements of Good Website Design

So what makes a great website that will keep users coming back? It starts with a deep understanding of your audience, their needs and a good mix of creativity, modern technology and content.

Here are 10 elements to consider:

  1. Logo and branding
  2. Choose the right typography that is easy to read, view, and matches the style of your brand
  3. Defined colour palette
  4. Well-defined navigation making it easier to find information
  5. Strong images that showcase your brand
  6. Targeted copy for better conversion
  7. Call to action and conversion tracking
  8. Modern web design and web development
  9. Search engine optimised (SEO) website and easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
  10. Fast, easy to use and compatible with mobile and tablet devices

A good website design leads to greater revenue

A website is an essential business tool if you have a great business running, your website must reflect its magnitude, through user focused web design, engaging content, scalable development process and effective marketing strategies. A good website helps to acquire new customers and build relationship with existing ones.

Now you know why a good website design is important for your business. We at Flexbox Digital are striving hard to make your website look professional, visually appealing and work for your business. Check us out for other digital services we provide.

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November 13,2017
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