Web Design Rules You Should Never Break When Designing Website

Have you ever wondered why companies are often willing to pay premium to “Design” websites for their organisation? because — websites are no longer an extension of their business, it has turned in to their business itself.

A quality web design is the best marketing investment, website determine the credibility of a business and its products. With a credible and quality website, businesses get more customers and increase conversions.

Based on our experience and successful projects, we have shortlisted some fundamental rules which one shouldn’t break in web design when designing websites.

Make your website landing page look welcoming

Make your landing page look welcoming to your website visitors. Use relevant images and videos to explain your offer. Images of people can make your website more warm and personal. Use headlines subheadings and engaging content. Website visitors should know what you’re trying to communicate within few seconds of viewing your landing page or they will most likely leave.

Include a Call to Action (CTA) buttons

Call to Actions are always crucial for any website. So, as a business person, you have to look at the call to action button and make it appealing to the customers. Ex: The general call to actions buttons are “Learn More,” “Buy Now,” “Click Here” and “Schedule Free in-home Estimate” etc. You have to make it appealing and visible to the audience at first glance. As it is the main selling point of the website, you should care more about it.

Sometimes it happens that sites bury these CTAs below the website where users cant see. So, they often get less ROI, hence make sure to include CTA button attractively.

Always ensure that you avoid Readability/Legibility Issues

This is one of the standard web design mistake committed by a lot of websites. If you are making this mistake, then you should resolve this instantly. If users aren’t able to read your text on the site it means your messages are not reaching them. So, having legible typography on your site is often essential. Usually, there are several ways where web designers can decrease legibility. It could be due to poor text colors choices, or it could be a light colored background, or it may be even hard to read words. Anything can decrease legibility. In some cases, dark text on the dark background can also make it difficult for users to understand. So, always try to avoid these mistakes. You can avoid these by using perfect color contrast. Just make sure always use perfect fonts and spacing in between letters and lines. This will help you to improve readability and usbility.

Avoid Distracting Autoplay

Using videos, audio and other forms of media flies can add life to your web page. But, at the same time, it can damage your reputation when it continuously makes user frustrated. When you add video or audio or other digital media, you should never use the autoplay feature. By adding these feature it becomes hard for users to navigate. As a result, you will lose your click-through rate. Instead of these, you can simply keep a play and pause button on your site. so, that users can play or pause the video or audio file whenever they want. It will make them comfortable, and it is one of the basic rules you should never break.

Never forget to proofread

Along with these tips, never forget to proofread. Proofreading always gives an in-depth look on how you have placed your content, website structure and more. So, never forgot to proofread your page. In general, proofreading is the final step before making your website live. Be careful with the proofreading so that you can identify and resolve your errors.

These are some of the web design rules you should never break when designing a website.

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May 28,2019
Digital Strategy, UX UI Design, Web Design

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