How to Optimise Your App Store Listing to Boost Conversions

Making an excellent App Store page is not an art but its a science, there are many things you can add up on your app to increase the conversion rates as a marketer on the Google Play and Apple App store.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the best way to push your app’s visibility in the app store. To compete with ASO, it’s essential to have the best tools, the right type of messages, design perfect and right ASO strategy.

Let’s check out how you can optimize your app store listing to bring up higher conversion rates in the lowered cost effective rate of User Acquisition.

Keyword Search

Determine which keywords you are going to make use before uploading your application to the app store, this helps in driving massive traffic for a more extended period, but there are some essential characteristics you need to follow while keywords identification.

Audience: Know which type of person is going to make use of your app, Business professional? Work from home applicants? Pinpoint your demographics and then know how your targeted audience will search for the app in the app store so that you can choose the right keywords.

Keyword Competitiveness: Know the value of your keyword, check out the competition for the keyword you have chosen.

Search Volume: You can check out the number of individuals searching for the keywords easily through mail online tools. Some of the online tools for making your keyword search more genuine and powerful includes Sensor TowerKeywordTool.io,  App Tweak

First Impression Frame

The First Impression Frame has a more significant role in increasing your CVR to 26%. There are two different types of visitors in Play store namely.

Exploring Visitors: This type of visitors will find ever information regarding the app they are going to download from the app store page, and they represent 40% of the app store traffic.

Decisive Visitors: The visitor of this type will not check out any pieces of information on the app store page, they leave or install the application without any engagement and this type of visitors represents 60% of the app store traffic.

Optimize Your App Screenshots

The important thing is that you need to optimize the marketing assets of each app store in the First Impression Frame. If you are on your Google Play, then make sure to optimize the Feature Graphics whereas on the Apple Store you need to optimize the First Impression Gallery. Both the Apple Store and Google Play are different in their working mechanism so its essential you avoid “One size fits all” approach when submitting your app. The preferences and mindset of both platforms are entirely different.

Screenshot Gallery Orientation Optimization

You can Boost the CVR by 28% by just testing your gallery, according to scientific research most of the leading publishers test their screenshot in the time interval of one month.

You can prefer gallery orientation optimization test as it has a significant impact on your visitors like what they see when they land etc. On both Google Play and Apple Store, there are options for portrait, landscape, hybrid and much more.

Apart from the above tips, make sure to follow the below ones for the perfect CVR boosting.

  1. Eliminate Repetitive Messages
  2. Traffic Sources Optimization
  3. Localization – Your Lowest Hanging Fruit.
  4. Culturalization
  5. Keyword Search
  6. Testing Frequently

These ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies are a cheap and effective way to ensure that your app gets seen in the App Store and testing will assist in amplifying the efforts.

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October 18,2018
App Development, CRO, Digital Strategy

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