All about Automating Sales Process and Increasing Productivity Using Zoho CRM

Sales automation can include everything from customer relationship management (CRM) systems to automated sales tasks, emails, follow-ups.

What is sales automation?

When the world is working on the tech field to minimise manual effort then why not the sales field? Sales automation is one of the alternatives where companies can potentially reduce physical and time-consuming mechanisms. Sales automation can be done by the use of digital tools such as software, artificial intelligence (AI) etc.

Sales automation is an important aspect of CRM (consumer relationship management). Sales automation is a procedure where you can focus more on connected customer services rather than focusing on administration. However, there are many factors which affect the manual sales force such as lack of accurate data, time-taking procedures or data being misplaced.

An automatic sales force will reduce such factors and provide a space for the storage of data. Automatic sales are now being adopted by many medium and small business owners as well. This results in less expenditure and saving by the firm’s and gives decent revenue in return.

What is Zoho CRM?

The very first step towards Zoho CRM implementation is making a strategy. It is always recommended to small and medium business companies to plan CRM as per their requirements. In this process, three stages need to be focused.

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Rolling out to employees

Clarify your business goals and then analyse what is needed for your company to prepare data. After planning and analysing, now you need to create a CRM account and set up your organisation details. Set up your account and then allow users who can use CRM. Invite them and give them their roles. Enable data security and complete basic automation processes. Transfer data into CRM. By following this process you can successfully implement Zoho CRM.

Benefits of Zoho CRM in sales automation

Zoho CRM is very easy-to-use Customer relationship management system. It is a user-friendly and intelligent CRM. There are many other benefits of using Zoho CRM such as

  • It reduces time and cost and allows the automation of various business activities.
  • It offers many platforms such as emails, social media, and video chat by which you can easily contact your customers.
  • It also provides a detailed and accurate analysis of your data which is beneficial for decision-making.
  • Zoho also has an AI named Zia! She is smart and intelligently manages CRM.
  • Zoho CRM is affordable for medium and small business owners.

It is always a smart choice to use automatic sales software but does not depend on them fully. This automatic sales software can be used for many things but not for everything. It is advised to always check manually rather than depending totally on robots!

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July 08,2022
CRM, Sales and Marketing

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