Fitness App

How Mobile Apps Help in Improving Fitness Levels?

The present-day sedentary and fast lifestyle has resulted in a plethora of serious health-related issues. People hardly have time for themselves. They run themselves mechanically without looking after their health. 

Surprisingly, technological advancement has introduced a huge change in the present-day lifestyle. Companies involved in providing mobile app development service in Melbourne have helped a lot in improving fitness levels to a high extent.

What Are Some Negative Consequences Related to Health?

Obesity along with high blood pressure and cancer are some common negative consequences. It is wrong to say that high technology has made human lives highly complicated. 

A suitable and reliable mobile app design service provider has come up with several fitness mobile applications that not only help in improving fitness levels; but also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

An Insight to Some Highly Popular Mobile Apps!

A steep rise in the trend of building iPad app development has contributed in improving fitness levels to a high extent. It has created lots of buzz among the masses. Some of the most popularly used apps include the following:



Charity Miles

Pact and many more. 

Fitness App

How Mobile Apps Help in Improving Fitness Levels at Best?

Want to know how iPad app development service impacts your health? Below are some facilities that are provided:

  • Providing the nudge in the right direction – A reliable iPad app development will provide the nudge appropriately. If required, these apps will provide you with notifications based on which you can modify your daily lifestyle and habits. 

Through mobile app design services, you will be able to stay motivated and remain focused on achieving your desired level of fitness. 

  • Coming across new ideas regarding the workout regime – Day by day, people are getting serious about their health and overall well-being. As a result, the number of candidates in the gymnasium is also increasing at a rapid rate. 

But, some people cannot join there due to busy lifestyles. For them, Android App development service will be a perfect solution. Along with learning new fitness regimes, it will help in practising workouts, thus gaining top-notch results. 

Top companies hire Android, iOS and iPhone developers to come up with exclusively designed mobile apps to help people in setting realistic fitness goals. These apps will take you to the next level after you are done with previous ones. 

In this way, these Android and iPhone app development services will help in sustaining the exercise regime. You will be able to confess all types of challenges based on overall health condition along with providing high flexibility.

SSL Certificate

Why SSL certificate is important for your website

An SSL Certificate connected to your site will secure your website with the highest levels of encryption, protecting your customers and their personal information. Google search engine rewards sites that use HTTPS with a small ranking boost.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which can be easily recognised in any web link by recognising the symbol of a padlock with the words “Secure” written near it. Only the websites which procure the SSL certificates are safe for the use of visitors and can guarantee your safety on the site. SSL is the security layer that protects all sensitive information from the use of any hacker across any computer networks. SSL provides privacy and data integrity for both the website and the visitor.

SSL Certificate

Let’s look deeper into the importance of SSL

For websites that deal with the handling of sensitive information (like usernames, passwords, and credit card details) and confirmation process of the same, it is necessary to secure this information and convey it only to the customer. However, the process of transfer of data requires the data to travel across many servers and computers to finally reach the destined server. During this process, it is very easy to hack into any of the involved servers and collect the information. To avoid this kind of mishap to occur, SSL encrypts the messages and sends it across the destined severs and in the final server it can be decrypted for the user to understand. When an SSL is used, the information becomes unreadable to anyone but the user. This protects it from being hacked.

The Authentication of Security

As important as encryption of the messages is, so is the authentication of the website. If the website you own is not SSL certified, any user will think twice before subscribing to your services or products. An unauthorised website which is not secure for use can be easily used by other hackers to use it as a medium to get personal information of the users, fearing this the user will not provide any information and might not even visit your website. With an SSL certificate, the users will know that the website they are sending information to is an authentic one and not an imposter stealing information.

SSL Certificate

Gain the trust of your users

When a website is a certified SSL user, visitors feel safe to browse about it. Visual aids like the lock icon and a green bar can ensure the visitors of their secure connection. See the table below of online research conducted on transactions:

70% of online shoppers cancel transactions due to lack of trust

75% of shoppers believe security logos increase the trustworthiness of the site

79% of shoppers expect to see a security seal on a site’s homepage

SSL certificate is essential for protecting your website. It provides privacy, security and data integrity for both your visitors and your business.

Need help setting up your SSL Certificate? Get in touch with us or learn more about our Services and eCommerce website design.

Successful eCommerce Web Design

The Ultimate To Do List to Launch a Successful eCommerce Website

Shoppers are increasingly looking to purchase online than in-store for an easier customer experience. But building a successful eCommerce website takes time and planning.

Here are a few guidelines for launching a successful eCommerce website:

Make an Impression

When a viewer visits your site they clearly intend to buy something, so design your landing page with a simple and attractive format and give them a reason to look on. The landing page they view must make an interesting influence on them to make a list of items they would want to buy.

Some useful tweaks that you could make on your landing page are:

  1. Organise your store with categories. Well-organized categories and good search filters make it easy for the customer to find the products they are looking for.
  2. Links for special discounts or promotions.
  3. Include Call to Actions to make a definite sale.
  4. Make your eCommerce website more mobile friendly.
  5. Optimize your product images for better search rankings.
  6. Direct links to best-selling products.

Successful eCommerce Web Design

Customer Significance

For a successful eCommerce web design, it must revolve around the needs of the customer and hence it must give significance to the customer. Include account login and creation tabs on the landing page for an easy detection of the pattern of purchase. The user experience must be vital when designing the checkout and wish list.

Some valuable additions to a better user experience:

  1. Secure your eCommerce website from malware, credit card, and online payment frauds. Implement HTTPS and a valid SSL certificate.
  2. Create the wish list and check out options clearly visible.
  3. Accept all major credit, debit cards, and Paypal payment method.
  4. Show the reviews on the product and the list of products brought along with it.
  5. Offer promo codes and other offers and show them the cost saved during purchase.


Successful eCommerce Web Design

The inclusion of media content

Addition of media content like tutorials, product reviews etc. can increase the value of your page and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

  1. Product Reviews, comments, and other options.
  2. A testimonial of the customer’s who used the product.
  3. FAQs, how-to guides, and demos add a lot of value to your business and your customers.
  4. Social connectivity options to share the product, blog post, etc.
  5. Contents for upcoming offers or events.

Successful eCommerce Web Design

Connect with your customers

Support pages help you connect with your customers on a deeper and more sensitive level. The pages that you include must give credibility to your site and also must be familiar for the customers to be recognized quicker and communicate faster.

  1. Live chat box with a customer advisor.
  2. Create a Help Center for your site
  3. Connect with your customers using Facebook Messenger

These were a few pointers that you could look out for while launching your eCommerce website. Customers shop every day, be sure to make a sale to them.

Thinking of setting up an eCommerce store? We offer custom eCommerce website design and development that help your business grow online. Get in touch or learn more about our Services and eCommerce website design.

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Content Marketing

The Importance of Good Website Content

From the period when the internet took over most of the communication, websites have become the marketing platform for organizations, big or small. Google has made it a priority to help viewers in finding their answers in the most fitting web pages. Google, Bing and other search engines determine the relevance of your web page by analysing its content based on several factors. The quality of website content is one of the most important ranking factors. Producing high-quality website content is essential elements for online success.

A good website content makes a positive impact upon the website visitors, it is what delivers the essence of the website. Factors like design, CTA, pictures is an add on to emphasize your content. If your website has all the other factors in top-notch quality with innovative thinking and yet your content fails to deliver the message; viewers might be interested at first but will move on after reading a few lines. The content or copy of a website is a major factor that leads to its success.

Target audience matters

One of the biggest challenges that content creators face is writing content that’s optimized for search engines, yet will also appeal to visitors. Website content creation can be made easy if it has a predefined target audience for whom the content can be written for. Tagline and slogans selected for the web page, if centered on the target audience will attract more traffic from them and ultimately turn them into customers.

Keywords are essential to be included in the content for a good Search Engine Optimization, but over-crowding them can make the content boring to read and in the process lose the interest of customers. Good website content is the marketing stage for your company and it is what makes the first impression about the company. Hence, it is vital to paint a pretty picture in the form of the content and seek the attention of as many viewers as possible.

What are keywords? Keywords are the words that a user types into the search box of a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to find websites that have that information. This is important for a business website, as having the right keywords in your content will help people find your website.

Writing from your customer’s perspective

The content of any website can be associated with an interesting book that somehow intrigues the readers to find out more and read till the end. The quality of the content must not just give answers to the viewer’s doubts, but also tempt the viewers to find out more about it. The content must lure the users into becoming potential customers of the website.

The key to accomplishing all this and more is simply by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. The viewer seeks the aid of Google for their unsolved questions and expects to learn the best possible answer from the website that Google suggests. So, make sure that the content and keywords of your site delivers the answers with proper explanation, innuendos, and tagline.

Moreover, take a step above this and think for what possible reasons the customer could have come across such a doubt. It might lead you on to many routes and be sure to tread on the ones most often used. Thus, make your website a hidden pathway of breadcrumbs that draw the reader into the depths of your market.

Benefits of a well written website content

  1. Well written website content, with strong call to actions will improve the conversion rate of your website
  2. Readers understand your message quickly and efficiently
  3. Keywords help boost your content in SEO Rankings
  4. Well written copy gives your readers a professional impression

Always remember you are writing for your readers and fill each space of your web page with informative copy, keywords and interesting details.

We often say that content is king. Not only will great content improve your website search engine ranking, it can also generate much-wanted leads. Get in touch or learn more about our Web Design and Digital Marketing Services.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

4 Beginner Tips To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving user experience in order to increase website visitors into potential customers and leads. Conversion rate refers to the number of visitors who do what you want them to do, like purchasing a product from your website, requesting a quote, subscribing to a service, etc. Any online business thrives only when it has the great conversion ratio. Higher conversion rate = better Return on Investment (ROI).

Website Conversion Rate Funnel

4 Proven Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Call to Action (CTA)

CTA is an image or line of text that prompts on a website that tells the visitor to take some specified action. Call-to-Actions are a necessity in every web page to provide customers with compelling reasons to buy their product or service. The Call to Action (CTA) that you use must create a sense of urgency or interest, such as limited time only, offer ends soon or special, in the minds of the customers. CTA provided must encourage the customer to take the desired action; it may be a subscription, a purchase, or any other kind of advertisement. Creating an effective call to action that will increase your website conversion rate and leads.

Create Value

Acquisition of customers is the main goal, but having repeated visitors can really boost up your sales and website popularity. Attracting repetitive purchase from the same customers can be a tricky task as it needs you in differentiating your brand and product from your competitors and demonstrating that your site offers more value and reasonability to them, thereby creating loyalty in them.

Improve The User Experience

Customers purchase only if they feel good about the website and its products or services. The first step in achieving this is to create a positive ambiance on your website that creates a good customer experience. Some pointers for a better user experience are:

  1. Good website navigation makes it easy for your users to find what they want.
  2. Providing a strong call-to-action makes the process easier
  3. Use catchy phrases in titles and subtitles to make the customer read on
  4. Perform user testing and cross-browser, platform, and device testing
  5. Optimize your website for mobile
  6. Pay attention to site speed and page loading. Analyse your website speed using Google PageSpeed insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom
  7. Use hyperlink differentiation to make your offers stand out
  8. Avoid any occurrence of errors while the customer is browsing your site

Build a Landing Page

Every website needs a good landing page to make the first impression a memorable one. The landing page must have a logical connection from the online advertisement, search link or backlink. Landing pages determine the rate of conversion factor of the customers from visitors into sales or leads. A landing page differs from a home page as it focuses and prompts the visitors to take an action. It can be a temporary set up and has very few navigational options. A landing page acts as a platform to convert website visitors into leads and drive more conversions with A /B testing and user testing.

CRO is an ongoing process that helps you maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaign. For more information on how to optimise your website for higher conversion rates, please contact us or learn more about our Web Design and Digital Marketing Services.



How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses face today. The modern-day customers are very indecisive about their buying process. The customer online buying decision process is highly uncertain until the time the customer pays for it. The customer can be perceived as a kid in front of a candy shop spoiled for choices. The markets are also witnessing new players every day coming up with new innovative products and digital marketing strategy targeting the customers. This has further intensified the complexity of buying decision process. The human mind is very volatile in changing priorities when they perceive something more efficient or cheaper with same utility value.

Five Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

1. Offer Free Shipping & Returns

Many consumers abandon the cart due to hidden shipping charges. It would be better if free shipping was given to the customers inside the country since worldwide free shipping will hit the bottom of the company. If the item cannot be shipped free of cost, the shipping cost can be added to the price and displayed as cost inclusive of shipping. This will ensure that customers are aware of the cost and will develop loyalty for the website. Providing a comprehensive policy for returns instills confidence in your business and your products.

2. Customer Support

Lack of customer support can ward off even the most loyal customers. A toll-free number or even live chat box will do wonders. The customers may have doubts regarding their purchase and may want to talk about it to a customer service representative, and may abandon the purchase if there’s a lack of immediate customer support since the customer may not remember the query later, and may not come back for the purchase.

3. Optimise Your Online Store Performance

If the website is launched on a poor performing server, crashes or delayed response or even non-responsive pages that may affect the shopping experience. Optimise your product images without comprising the quality or appeal of the image, use fast and reliable hosting servers.

4. Simplify Your Checkout Process

Consumers are always in a hurry to get things done as soon as possible. An easy check out process will ensure quick entry of the buyer to the payment gateway page. Provide guest checkout option which allows the shopper to checkout without registering, enable social login and sign-up options. Make sure the registration form does not have many mandatory fields, collect only necessary information for a quick checkout. Optimise your mobile eCommerce checkout page for higher conversion rate.

5. Multiple Payment Methods

Customers tend to have a set, preferred way for most tasks. This includes online shopping. According to research, over 50% of shoppers will not complete a purchase if their preferred payment options are not offered. Additionally, cash on delivery option gives the customer a sense of security and assures them of the product quality.

Still stuck on why people are abandoning their carts on your online store? Contact Flexbox Digital to learn how we can help you design an intuitive website and checkout process that lowers cart abandonment.

Website Design

Why is a good website design important for your business and revenue?

In this digital world almost 70% of business decisions are made online. Businesses need quicker and more efficient ways to attract customer attention. A website is one of the efficient ways for promoting your products, services or ideas to the target audience. An effective web design will take the business to a new level and bring customer closer to your business. A well designed website improves the credibility of your business. Creating a successful website design requires a right website strategy, user experience design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), conversion and more.

Web Design is more than just looking pretty!

Web Design is far more than creating an aesthetically pleasing website. Effective Web Design is about creating an attractive website that is user friendly, search engine friendly, mobile-friendly, designed to sell and easy to maintain.

Essential Elements of Good Website Design

So what makes a great website that will keep users coming back? It starts with a deep understanding of your audience, their needs and a good mix of creativity, modern technology and content.

Here are 10 elements to consider:

  1. Logo and branding
  2. Choose the right typography that is easy to read, view, and matches the style of your brand
  3. Defined colour palette
  4. Well-defined navigation making it easier to find information
  5. Strong images that showcase your brand
  6. Targeted copy for better conversion
  7. Call to action and conversion tracking
  8. Modern web design and web development
  9. Search engine optimised (SEO) website and easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
  10. Fast, easy to use and compatible with mobile and tablet devices

A good website design leads to greater revenue

A website is an essential business tool if you have a great business running, your website must reflect its magnitude, through user focused web design, engaging content, scalable development process and effective marketing strategies. A good website helps to acquire new customers and build relationship with existing ones.

Now you know why a good website design is important for your business. We at Flexbox Digital are striving hard to make your website look professional, visually appealing and work for your business. Check us out for other digital services we provide.

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