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Ecotech Energy Zoho One Implementation and API Integration

Ecotech Energy is a specialist provider of solar power and renewable energy. Ecotech specialises in commercial, residential and agricultural solar system design and installation services across eastern Australia. Flexbox Digital implemented Zoho One for Ecotech and integrated Xero online accounting software, Formbay STC management application and other Zoho One apps with Zoho CRM to make sales, support and marketing process hassle-free.

Zoho One Implementation

Business Goals and Solution

Ecotech Energy was preparing to launch a new business strategy and they identified the need for a robust CRM, project management, marketing application that would support their new strategy and provide visibility of their sales, inventory, support, marketing, project management activities and improve processes within the company. After an in-depth discovery session to gain an understanding of Ecotech’s goals, Flexbox Digital customise Zoho CRM to suit Ecotech Energy’s business requirements and implemented Zoho Suites. For better business visibility and easy to access the information we integrated Xero, Formbay and cloud-based telephony RingCentral with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Implementation and solutions

Zoho CRM Integration

Following the successful implementation of Zoho CRM and migrated Ecotech data into the Zoho system. Flexbox Digital subsequently implemented Zoho Projects, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Campaign, Zoho CRM – Zoho Campaigns integration, Zoho CRM – Inventory integration, Zoho CRM – Xero integration and Zoho CRM Formbay API integration. Zoho CRM integration with other business applications gave Ecotech Energy complete visibility across the company with a holistic and real-time view of customers, orders, projects, and inventory while improving collaboration and communication.

 Zoho CRM Xero Integration

Zoho CRM - Xero Integration

Ecotech wanted to integrate Zoho CRM with their accounting system, Xero, in order to eliminate unnecessary duplicate data entries and keep track of all types of financial transactions status inside Zoho CRM. We integrated two-way data syncing between Zoho CRM and Xero, using a custom API script (Application Programming Interface). This two-way integration is keep contacts, vendors, products and invoices synchronised across Zoho CRM and Xero accounting system, with just a few clicks or scheduled sync time.

 Zoho CRM Formbay Integration

Zoho CRM - Formbay Integration

Flexbox Digital integrated Zoho CRM with Formbay using Rest API. Formbay is a software that enables businesses in the solar energy sector to go digital to maintain their customer and project details. Integrating Formbay with Zoho CRM serves as an all in one place to check clients details, STC application, solar panel installation details and projects status inside Zoho CRM. The integration allowed Ecotech Zoho CRM users to access applications, documents and images that are stored in Formbay more easily and securely.


Unified customer experience and improved productivity

The Ecotech’s transition to Zoho was ultimately seamless and almost immediately, the company has seen a lot of improvements in its productivity and efficiency. End to end real-time visibility of inventory, projects and payment status. With Zoho CRM they have improvised their Sales productivity, telemarketing outbound calls, a clearer insight into the status of leads, deals and sales activities. Improved access to documents, inventory status and streamlined the internal communication between its three offices Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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