Reimagining the Victorian Curriculum Level Tracker

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Design and build the trendsetting Student Assessment Management System

Curriculum Level Tracker is an online platform for teachers to assess student level based on the Victorian Curriculum. Seeing the potential to improve teacher experience through digital, Jennings Street School and other partner schools approached Flexbox Digital to create a custom UX-first Software as a service (SaaS) based student evaluation platform for the schools and teachers to assess student level based on the Victorian Curriculum.

Student Assessment Management System - CLT

Understanding users and their goals

The main goal was to create a student assessment system, which tracks student progress over the course of the school year as well as give insight into important metrics and statistics. From UX to UI layout, every part of this application was designed for ease of use, drive engagement, and deliver maximum value.

Special Schools - CLT
CLT - User Group

A robust platform, custom built with passion

In close collaboration with the client, we developed a robust online evaluation platform for schools to assess student level based on the Victorian Curriculum. Curriculum level tracker for teachers to use as a tool to monitor student progress, record demonstrations and report on the learning achievement of every student. The custom built functionality handles Google single sign-on (SSO), CASES21 integration, user accounts, role based access control and a full management platform for CLT school admins and teachers. The application is highly responsive and is built to grow with the needs of the school.

Growth Chart - CLT
Student Assessment Management - CLT
Distribution Chart - CLT

A better digital experience, for everyone

The result is a digital tool that positively impacts the core audience at a critical point in their journey, making for a more informed, engaged and intuitive experience while reducing administrative burden. With phase one rolled out, the new Curriculum level tracker helping administrators and teachers make better informed decisions to drive student growth and achievement, and improve performance.

Student Assessment Management System - CLT

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